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    Addressed Needs

Addressed Needs



MBE Simulations offers solutions for the following needs:




·         Internalizing business acumen at all management levels


·         Optimizing organizational results by wise implementation and utilization of ERP systems


·         Utilizing Balanced Scorecards initiatives, enabling organizations to be strategically focused




Internalizing business acumen on all management levels


Business Acumen requires an internalized responsible, responsive and realistic approach to understanding business forces on macro and micro organization levels.


Read MBE Simulations' Business acumen definition.


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Optimizing organizational results by wise implementation and utilization of ERP systems


Integrative information systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) are important management tools, but are only as effective as their user.

Up-time for implementation of these systems has proven to be time-intensive and tedious, while the minutia of information overload tends to cloud the big picture. This is to the detriment of the organization.


Within this simulated experimental environment, managers have the freedom to try out and evaluate various operational policies by making decisions, analyzing results, and then going back and replaying the scenario again and again, based on new decisions and analysis of new results.

With MBE Simulations advanced solutions, participants can:

·         Learn to utilize the information available through ERP systems

·         Practice management of a virtual enterprise working with an ERP system

·         Develop system thinking to support the integration of the local areas in utilizing the ERP systems

·         Understand the supply chain and the required management decisions

·         Experience the added value of the new management approaches such as Toc, JIT AND BPR

·         Implement and explore logistics control systems

·    Explore management decision-making in an interactive dynamic environment

·         Experience multi-disciplinary team management


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Utilizing Balanced Score Cards initiatives, enabling organizations to be strategically focused


Developed by Robert Kaplan and David Norton in 1992, the balanced scorecard methodology is a management practice which makes the organizations business tactics measurable and quantifiable. The score cards are used to measure how well the organization has performed in achieving it's business policy. Despite proven success, business scorecard implementation faces certain obstacles, mainly the inability of managers to understand how their decisions lead towards common goal and results. In other words – the chain of cause and effect initiated by a simple decisions somewhere in the organization. 


Another common obstacle faced in attempting to implement scorecard methodology is the failure by management to treat the strategic plan as an ongoing process. In other words focusing on day-by-day abilities to track the course of lagging indicators (meaning not only end quarter results).


Business training approaches tend to look at results on a monthly and quarterly basis which is important. However, MBE Simulations recognizes the importance of analyzing results day-by-day and so dynamically making adjustments, rather than wait for the end of a period.


This dynamic nature of modern organizations in a turbulent business world requires managers to know how to utilize current management tools such as business intelligence and KPI cockpits.


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