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    Industry-Specific Solutions

Industry-Specific Solutions



MBE Simulations offers advanced simulations tools operating along a dynamic time axis, offering hands-on management practice with virtual enterprises. The user navigates the enterprise through the simulated environment, receiving immediate and constant feedback, with warning alerts where necessary. The simulator provides the full range of managerial-decision cause and effect, presenting the interactive interface between various departments such as: market response, production floor, procurement, finance and more.

Scenarios can be modified for specific needs or industries.

MBE Simulations has successfully implemented solutions for the following industries:

·         Manufacturing organizations management

·         High-Tech industry, including additional features that model the product initiation and development lifecycle

·         Cellular and wire line communications providers

·         Call Center organization management . View a 4 minutes video (Amdocs partnership)

·         Communications Service provider (such as ISP or Cable TV)



























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