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    For The Professor

For The Professor


One unified educational tool gives academic theory a practical, yet gradable structure.



  • Faculty can access student's work, review and analyze decisions that were taken during a simulation and grade the overall results.
  • MERP provides recommendations to aid instructor in determining students final grades.
  • Recommendations reflect a composite evaluation of the student's success in managing the company as well as the validity of their decision making process.
  • Online practiced distance learning as well as class-based format.
  • Real-life practice of operations management theory.
  • Convenient receipt and grading of student work.
  • Increasing developing complexity through a variety of scenarios.
  • Each simulator run is unique and good results can only be achieved through implementing simulator theory, not replicating other students' work.
  • Scenarios are constantly changed so students can't reapply the same approach.


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