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Unlike the usual historical and static case studies, MBE Simulations provides students with a live scenario that they must manage and so control their own business destiny. Students participate in a virtual organization made real and dynamic as minute-by-minute business events and conditions unfold. Students must respond and make complex managerial decisions in real-time based on their view of the big picture. Unlike traditional fixed business games that deal with results on a quarterly basis, the MERP experience involves daily execution of strategy toward results.

MERP scenarios are constantly being changed so students continually face new business realities where predefined approaches won't help them. Students can only learn to test, re-test, think and re-think.

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Educational Added Value

MERP is a powerful and dynamic training software compiling knowledge used by thousands of students, world-wide, in particular addressing operations management needs. Based on this wealth of experience MBE Simulations have defined three independent dimensions that comprise business life: Know how, collaboration between departments and accountability despite uncertainty. These elements co-exist in each department and organizations and must be handled simultaneously. Effectiveness in each directly affects organizational performance.

  • Practical real world insights – Better positioning students to compete in the market and bringing academic business theory to life.
  • Combining operational management models with actual practice such as forecasting, inventory replenishment management, dispatch policy management, applied costing theory etc.
  • Macro and micro understanding – Viewing the big picture of a global manufacturing organization, as well as drilling down into detailed Operations Management issues.
  • Uncertainty is the truest business reality – MERP enables students to dictate the managerial policies for running a manufacturing company in the face of uncertainty, as in real business life.

Cause and effect thinking – Students see the big picture and truly understand the effects of their operational management and collaborative business policies on their business results.

Educational Methodology

  • Realistic dynamic decision making - Based on daily events that effect the organization’s results. Students must choose when and which decisions to make in parallel with the evolving KPI status.
  • Reinforced learning – At home or university students login and repeatedly run scenarios always learning from their mistakes to improve their business. Generic solutions or past student results won't bring a profit.
  • Competition based on shared online results – Students compete in stochastic scenarios reflecting turbulent daily business life.


MBE is proud to announce the launch of an international online, real-time competition on Operations Management concepts.

Involving institutions from the world-wide education sector, in both the interest of MBA and Industrial Engineering faculties.


























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