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MBE Simulations is a High-Tech privately held company, established in 1998. MBE stands for Management By Experience, reflecting the mission of providing training platforms for managers to make real decisions without suffering real-life consequences. MBE Simulations has two main product lines catering to the Corporate and Education Sectors.

MBE Simulations provides solutions for numerous companies and educational institutes in 7 countries on every continent. MBE Simulations are provided as localized solutions in terms of language and content.


University online learning

During 2003 MBE Simulations began working with the academic online distance Learning sector in the US and became a trusted participant in the Operations Management program training. The company developed a unique Web-enabled learning solution using the dynamic online MBE Simulations simulator in Operations Management programs with leading United States universities. This provided the professor's with control and confidence over their student's assignments. To the point where 35% of the final overall grade was based on the student's performance in managing the simulated organization.

MBE Simulations products are also been used in research programs by Purdue University, USA and Electro Communication University, Japan.


Corporate workshops

During the years 2002 to 2006 MBE Simulations has successfully developed, implemented and led workshops for various industries such as Communication Service Providers, Call Center Management, High-Tech organizations and the Food Industry.


Needs-based solutions

A wide selection of workshops is geared to meet the needs of any organization. Workshops range from one-day introductory and management preparation workshops, up-to a 4-day tailored workshops meet the various managerial level needs; top-level management workshops; as well as special contests between management within a corporation as well as public open contests for both the corporate and the educational sector. Users can also benefit from hands-on experience with the specially designed self-practice simulator software.


Unique online competition

In 2006 MBE Simulations is about to announce a revolutionary online and real-time team-based contest, in cooperation with a leading University. This will shortly be announced on our web pages.


MBE Simulations Ltd. was founded in 1998 by its general management Mr. Moshe Yerushalmy with support of a group of professionals.

Mr. Yerushalmy is a leading management education consultant, with extensive experience in effectively applying Information Technology for supporting modern business needs.

Mr. Yerushalmy brings wide experience from various managerial positions with more than 20 years across diversified industries. He has distinguished himself in effective implementations for change management and turn-around initiatives.

The combination of his cross-industry experience has enabled him to develop the business intelligence and acumen equation which stands at the core of MBE Simulations management philosophy.

Mr. Yerushalmy holds an MBA degrees in Information Systems (1987) as well as MBA in Marketing, including an International Marketing joint program with Wharton Business School at Pennsylvania University (1994) from Tel Aviv University (Recanati school of business), and a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from the Technion Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel. (1980)

Mr. Yerushalmy can be contacted directly by email:
























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